Pretty coats.
Awesome men and women wearing them.

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The Honorable Maggie Gyllenhaal

Photo By Des Willie

To prepare for the role of Nessa Stein in “The Honorable Woman,” Gyllenhaal informed herself as best she could. “At first, I was just reading The New York Times,” she says. “Then, I called a friend of mine who sent me all these pro-Palestinian leaning blogs and then I ran into a friend of a friend who is a Zionist, pro-Israel intellectual and he sent me a bunch of articles. My heart breaks all the time when I read the news. I know it’s really easy to say that when I’m sitting in my house in Brooklyn.” For More


Yellow color is expressed in this classic coat and blazer suit. 

F A V O R I T E   C E L E B R I  T Y  M E M E ; sebastian stan [3/4 photoshoots]

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The more secrets and twists in a character, the better.

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